Oct 17, 2010


winter, that is. we certainly have all the signs, the temps have been below freezing during the night, and then this was on my brother's back yard...

and i had to dig this out...

and change winter tyres. as i needed to be in siilinjärvi by sunday night, i choose to play it safe and change the tyres already this early. the forecast says it'll warm up (only a bit) but having to drive 500km, i did'nt want to take unnecessary chaces

there was snow on the ground this morning, the night time temp was -5C, brr!

most of the autumn leaves are still on trees, and make colorful pictures

not sure if i've shown this before, it stands in my sister in law's kitchen. so true, however, i will have cookies only after my fitness test and weigh-in which take place during the week. my last period in rehab starts tomorrow...

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