Oct 8, 2011

picking life up, slowly

9 days later...i have yet to finish the first book i started in the hospital (cornwell's port mortuary). it's not that the book is bad, i have had hard trying to pile pillows so i can read longer than 15 mins without...well, see for yourselves...

...and that is just for internet. luckily i only had to stay one night in the hospital (had hard time waking up...) it was kinda nice buzz, so i really didn't mind, and i wasn't sick at all, and i had that huge room all to myself for the night.

the good doctor ended up doing a re-hemiresectioarthroplastia et interpositio cum fascia lata DRUJ carpi l. sin. there will be a cast for total of 6 weeks, and i will have a 15cm scar on my left thigh (maybe it needs ink on it?)

the dog seems little baffled that i'm home all the time but don't take him on walks.

certain someone, well, he gets a bit confused at times but he's been cooking (will post about that later) and putting my hair on ponytails (i still have some hair left...) he actually went out today like this. complains that i give too many orders for him to be able to pay attention to everything!