Sep 17, 2009


we are going to NYC in october and i'm going to see the taping of martha, yee! got the confirmation to my ticket request today, i'm so excited!!! (in case you didn't notice...) now i need figure out what to wear, no easy task, i could be on tv!

back to today and rehab III. we had the inbody (this link in english) test done today. the results, well, didn't tell anything i didn't know already, i gotta loose some fat, not as much as i thought, though. this test tells your whole body compositon down to minerals in your body, how much of body weight is muscles, how much fat, etc. there was a lecture on nutrition and weight loss after the results, their lecture makes sense on some many issues, throws some old theories to waste basket. there were some older ladies on the lecture and obviously some of what the lecturer said rubbed them the wrong way because a few left. obviously, when someone questions your decades long practises on what your thought was the right approach to fitness and proper nutrition, the natural reaction would be to rebel, or like in their case, leave the lecture.

my eating habits aren't that bad, for food i mean, it's my baking and love of chocolate. not giving them up, however, but will cut down on portion sizes and have them less regularly.

all in all this week has been a good spark for my starting to get fit again, and to loose some flab as well. the food here... excellent but isn't helping me (nor anyone else, it seems) to loose weight because of the portion sizes, another issue i need to address. no pic today, been too busy with lectures, massage, circuit training and turkish bath

Sep 16, 2009

rehab II

i'm sore in places i didn't remember i had muscles, like my butt. sure, i walk the dog, but not having been to the gym in (confession time) 10 yrs has done something to my rear end...

we've had fitness tests, let's just say there is quite a lot i could (and will!!) do for my overall health and fitness. yesterday we had a lecture on food and fitness. nothing new there, i'm so aware that chocolate cheesecake is sooo bad, but did you know that one beer (3,3dl) has the same amount of energy as 9 cubes of sugar?

or that a chocolate bar has the same amount of energy as 15 cubes fo sugar

when they put it like that... but i still don't want to know how many cubes of sugar there is in a chocolate cheesecake, you gotta treat youself once in a while.

although i had the tests yesterday, and went nordic walking before dinner, today was by far the most excercisefull day. nordic walking for 45 mins first thing in the morning, then streching for another 45, then i had a pedicure (blissfull!), circuit training for 45 mins, lunch, lectures for 2,5 h, indian scalp massage (which included pulling my ears, literally!), and a very humiliating experience of etnobaila (45 mins)... i don't remember the last time i've sweat out that bad. i should have known better, i have 3 left feet and no sense of rhythm, there was no way i was going to be able to move my feet, hips and hands all at the same time, and in beat... i went to the pools afterwards, swam a few laps and sat under a water fountain and got my shoulders "water-massaged". after all this i felt almost not hungry, but went to dinner anyway. i'm so ready to bed now.

here is the yesterday's sunset by the local lake

tomorrow everyone in our group will have InBody (link in finnish and norwegian only, sorry). it's a test in which a machine calculates (by electricity) what you are made of, how many % of your body is bones, fat, muscles, water, etc... it'll be a rude awakening. not sure if i'll share the results with you

Sep 14, 2009


as in rehabilitation to maintain working ability. there are 9 others from my work place and we'll stay here for the week, and come back for 3 more sessions during the next 13 months. the link more or less explains what we do, or are supposed, to do here. this place also has a spa, best part of the whole deal is that these sessions are like a paid vacations. well, we are expected to "work" some, like i have fitness and muscle tests scheduled for tuesday, there are group exercises, lectures on how to prevent burn-out, among others. i did schedule some extras, like a massage, facial, pedicure and indian scalp massage, for those i do have to pay myself.

the facility has saunas, pools, gyms, etc, and very good food. which kinda fights against my decision to loose some "flab" with all these excellent opportunities to be active and excercise, we'll see...

i was going to hit publish but then thought that this might even more boring than usual without a picture... here is one i took this morning before my doctor's appointment

i was rather good today, i went walking for hour and a half. weather was gorgeous, i loved these trees which are near this facility, they are salix fragilis bullata