Oct 30, 2009

been at the cottage

drove to my hometown for my days off. seems it's never a good idea to start driving right after work, almost had to stop to take a nap... fought the urge to do so for the last 50 km of the drive and made it to my brother's in one piece.

now, for those faint of heart (anita comes to mind...) you might not want to look at the next pictures. my dad hunts moose... they have shot all 3 they had permits for. the last one they shot will appear next.

don't think this is too bad. nasty stuff they take out of the cavity in the forest, that would be bad. this has been hanging for 4 days and it was time to chop it to smaller pieces

dad keeps saying this is the last year he'll hunt, that remains to be seen

this mount of meat was his cut from the carcass. helped a bit to clean the pieces for freezer, there were some gorgeous pieces of meat, can't wait to cook some of it later on

had my littlest niece with me at the cottage, it was raining and raining but we ventured out to forest and found these craterellus tubaeformis

mom knows where to find them, they are kinda hard to spot at first from among all the fallen yellow leaves

might have mentioned that my brother & family were in nyc the week after us. usually when i visit them, or they visit me, my nieces and nephew want american pancakes. they got me these pancake moulds as souvenir and wanted me to make some for breakfast. nephew even took out all ingredients for me

figure out what this is?

this needs no imagination

this is supposed to be a pumpkin

why the blurred face, you ask... well, the night had not been gentle with my face... way worse than normal, and too early! that's in my bro's kitchen

my copy of dinner at home finally arrived today. browsed it thru qickly before work, there are a couple of lamb recipes that sound good. need lamb recipes since certain someone bought half a lamb (yes, half a lamb!) from a friend. will bother you with pics of the poor lamb as well as soon as it arrives...