May 27, 2009

sauna, among other things

i'm at the cottage since i have a week off from work. went for a walk with mom yesterday and this little viper was minding its own in the middle of the road. must have been nice and warm on the road, i'm sure. there is something about snakes that... well, i just plain don't like them. this one got away alive

mom spotted this on the side of path in the woods, korvasieni, gyromitra esculenta. possibly deadly if not prepared properly, divine mushroom when cooked right

blueberries in bloom

picking young birch twigs, for sauna, naturally

this is vihta . the link pretty much tells how to make one and how to use it in the sauna. i've tried to take pics in sauna, the lens fogs up. besides, you do not wear anything in sauna, ever, so i think the lens fogging up isn't such a bad thing

if the previous was a "before" shot, this is the "after" shot. whipping yourself with vihta is supposed to be the cure-all for every ache, pain and mental distress

the deck by the lakeside is getting a new cover. i've taken dozens of pictures of the deck over many years. my next task is to get them all together and post the pictures, which show what time and the ever changing weather does to untreated wood

this lovely black, smelly and gooey stuff is tar

tar is put under new planks where they meet support beams to avoid rotting

dad just told that these old planks will become firewood, after 13 yrs of service. i love their texture, would love to use them to build something, if just for decoration

we so need to start emptying the freezers for fresh berries, this is made of last year's blueberries

emptying continues, this is a chanterelle pie on sunnuntai rye pie dough