Jun 20, 2010

post-rehab piffle

although nutrition wasn't the main theme on this third period of rehab, here are some eye-openers...people who count these things, aren't they cruel?

first one, muesli versus oatmeal (for those who don't read finnish, the measures from the top are energy, fiber, fat, sugar)

hello, chocolate lovers...would you ever eat that amount of fat, or sugar if it wasn't in the chocolate...

yogurt then, so many to choose from..

no-fat, no-added sugar is the way to go

i bet you didn't think (i didn't) that 2 glasses of orange juice could contain this much sugar

oh boy, will you kick my butt for first preaching and then showing you this...this being a fish pasty, yes there is "some" bacon in it...to my defence i'll state that certain someone wanted one as souvenir, as the the rehab was in the region where this pasty originates. and naturally, you'll be eating this with butter...

back at the shack, it seems that this year we might be getting apples after all

this baby-woodpecker fooled around in the yard yesterday

the dog then...he was "parked" under the apple trees while the guys were painting the roof (about that later), he seemed to like the shade under the trees. however, the dog seems to be planning an excape...

he has managed to dig quite a hole

what, me escaping?

naah, just getting comfortable!

a warning is in order, if you're squeamish that is...week ago at the cottage my parents got a nice size trout (3 kg) with nets from the lake. this was what my dad found in its stomach...the ones on top were still quite fresh...