Sep 16, 2010

furry creatures, alive and not

we met quite a lot of furry creatures, some funny, cute and friendly, some quite strange. this here is moose (what a name for a nice feline!) moose lives in the same house with certain someone's cousin and his family and 3 dogs...

he is dante and the biggest german shepard i have ever seen, positively, but such a mellow personality. look at the size of his paws!

sorry beagles, but i can't tell you apart. one here with dante is either jessie or brutus (i never got the story as to why brutus)

now this i know, it's jessie. she gave such good poses, i think i took a dozen pics of her

that's jessie in the back, they are mother and son

all of the three dogs didn't seem to mind the short boat trip from the cottage island to mainland

not furry and not alive, but cute

these bears were on display in bass pro store we visited near toronto. i never knew anything like that store existed, but if you're an outdoorsy person, there is anything you might ever need and then some. certain someone was like a kid in candyland there. we didn't know the little boy who is partially in the picture, but he loved to pose

certain someone's cousins told that they have a bear problem at the dump near their cottage, there might be as many as a dozen at one time. they feed on scraps that people throw away in their garbage

almost didn't notice the bison and wolves up there

this picture is nothing like the normal carley, she is very playfull...


meet huge moose. obviously, certain someone's cousins hunt

i don't think i had ever seen a black squirrel before, ours are reddish brown

a city husky in suburban toronto

Sep 15, 2010

nyc flowers & veggies

i had no idea where to start so i'll take the easy way out and post more pics and less words. also, though our trip started in toronto, i'll start with nyc.

as we spent only 3 nights in the city we had quite a tight schedule. i managed to sneak out the first morning to union square with elizabeth. i so envy her for being able to shop fresh produce at the green market

elizabeth got one of the small lilac ones for her tree stump. wonder if it still there, or if someone stole it!?

this truck was laden with flowers of all sorts, not at the market but on w. 25th on my way back to hotel

the smell was amazing

tomatoes then, there were all sizes...


...some even looked like they might be past their prime. i guess heirlooms are supposed to look like this

so many interesting jams and jellies

hmm, these were something neither of us had seen before, and i've forgotten what they are. they are supposed to be nice and eaten raw as they come, now i wish i had bought some to try

we both liked how the light played on these aubergines

such a pretty shade of red

i must have taken a dozen or more pictures of gourds/pumpkins/squashes

so many colors, shapes and textures

regretfully i didn't get to meet buster on this trip, maybe next time!

Sep 13, 2010

autumn came in two weeks

gosh, never have i been this tired after coming home from the US. we flew home on saturday around noon, i struggled to stay awake until evening, went to bed at 9pm, set up my alarm at 9am and woke up 12.15pm in a panic...almost didn't make it to work on time!

suffice to say, sorting photos hasn't been a priority so far so i'll just post a couple i took yesterday at the shack. seems like autumn came while we were gone, the colors aren't full blast yet but it's getting there

the apples look like they're ready for pies, apple sauce, pork roast and what not