Jun 27, 2009


profiteroles? you ask. yes, or cream puffs, or choux. the older niece's confirmation will be in few weeks and my mom made a test batch to try different fillings. but then i came and the kids and suddenly there weren't any to be filled. have you ever tried them slightly cooled, just as they are? yam, just don't eat too many, you'll start feeling queasy. anyways, because we ate what mom was supposed to try and fill, i made another batch

cream puffs have been on my to do list for a while. don't know why i've put them off for so long, they aren't that hard to make. i just won't be making more anytime soon, not that they aren't good but because i will eat them all myself. and i can't let that happen to my already suffering waistline

the campaign "empty the freezer" has been going on also at the cottage. i've tried a few pie dough recipes, this time i tried one from the modern baker

there is no food processor at the cottage so i used a potato masher to mix butter and flour, why haven't i thought of this before?!

there were some minor difficulties in the process of getting this baked, but it tasted great. mom likes a rye crust better. the filling is chantarelles, onion and chives, sour cream and eggs

fried aubergine and grav whitefish on rye, you really ought to try this!

we didn't stay cooped up indoors the whole time, mom took the kids row boating. or should i say my nephew took my mom and niece for a boatride?

certain someone has been far away and is coming back sometime today. i'm anxious to see what i'll get as a souvenir...

Jun 25, 2009

is summer finally here?

i spent a few days at the cottage during the week with the kids. the weather finally turned warmer, the lake is still only +13C which is way too cold to swim in. but it's never (well, almost never) too cold for sauna, which you can see here

mom has a vegetable garden, not a big one, but she has. not like me, i'm still waiting for mine, snif. these here are potatoes, ways to go before they can be enjoyed. the lake seems to hinder growth in spring and early summer, on the other hand, it keeps frost away longer in autumn

tiny potato

regular salad

mom likes to thrust the stubbs of store bought salads into the soil to see if anything comes up... this romaine thought that it might be a good idea to grow some more

lingonberry seems to grow in curious plases

i thought the water was too cold, despite the sunshine!

the girls didn't seem to think so...

she so likes watermelon

the older niece is very handy with her, well, hands. she made this for the little one after sauna. she had such nice curls the next day

the older niece will be 15 in just a few days. she had some of her friends over, theme for the party was the 70s. this dress was my mom's. mom now thinks that it is way too short and thight, and does not understand how she could ever wear it in public

fish, fish, fish

this is how the fishing is done, on a relatively nice day. mom rows and dad tackles the nets. this past week has been super good, there's been almost too much fish

these here are whitefish



another whitefish

filees of perch, fried in butter, seasoned with just salt

grav whitefish, delicious!

i'm not done with the fish, yet. this is another version of zander in salt crust, this time there were 2 whitefish under as well

ready to be served, you'll only need nice rye bread or new potatoes to go with

there was so much whitefish that dad decided to smoke some, before going into the smoker

all fired up

all done, still in the smoke


my dad salts the fish only after smoking. there are differences in opinions as to how one should smoke fish. i know that dad uses alder shavings and sugar on the bottom of the smoker. some salt the fish before smoking, some smoke the fish right after cleaning, some let the "cure" for a few hours in the fridge.

i got to take some of the smoked fish with me. however, there is a limit on how much i can eat fish, no matter how good it is. guys at work were happy to get some change in the canteen food that they usually eat...