Aug 7, 2013

evening walk

took a walk this evening in my home town. it's strange how i remember this river as smelly and muddy. they told us kids way back when that the smell was the smell of money. there was / is a paper mill upstream, they certainly have cleaned up their act. the river has sprung back to life and there are fish in it.

dad used to have a boat, not as huge as these ones, but big enough to sleep in. my brother and i enjoyed the summer holidays and weekends on the boat. poor mom got sea-sick, therefore we now have the cottage.

this piece is called "distance" by jari-jussi voijola. there is someone across the river.

my reason for heading out for the walk is this...looking upstream

and downstream 

yep, she is over there

another look at the setting sun

noticed that some had made promises on one of the bridges

one of these days i will take a cruise on the river, just to see how well i remember the bends along the way to the big lake.

this post was done on my iphone and i have no idea how crappy the pics might look on a big screen.