Dec 3, 2010

yet another bridge

i read about the williamsburg, brooklyn, restaurant marlow & sons about three years ago and i had wanted to go and eat there on previous visits, but something always came up. this time i finally made it there, only for lunch, but i made it. i took the train into the unchartered territory...the restaurant was pretty easy to find, even without a map.

the restaurant isn't much of a looker but i found it very charming nevertheless, and the staff was so friendly.

i had the best meal all week, panfried cod with watercress, jerusalem artichoke, apple & mushroom salad, lovely burst of flavors (i almost licked the plate...) the fish was cooked to perfection, crispy on top, but juicy, flaky inside.

they also do some baking on premises, i chose a chocolate chip cookie with just a tiny bit of fleur de sel on top as dessert. note to certain someone: we are coming to this place for dinner when in nyc next time.

i almost took the train back to manhattan, but found the walkway of the williamsburg bridge by accident and decided to walk back to manhattan.

the view from the bridge is pretty, even with the fencing disturbing it

the manhattan end of the bridge

since i deliberately missed the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree, i went thereabouts to at least take a picture of it. on the way, i came across these giant tree ornaments.

well, i got my picture of the tree, but the amount of people in and around the rockefeller center...let's just say i didn't stay there for long...

Dec 2, 2010

wet day

the rain and gusty winds made today (wednesday,dec1) perfect for a visit to a museum, namely the cloisters. i have been there before, but that was close, or maybe over, 10 years ago. i'm not too much into the religious artifacts but i do like place and the calmness in there.

after cloisters it was time for lunch. i debated a long time whether i should go the spotted pig in west village or the delta grill on 9th Avenue at west 48th street...

delta grill won, beacause it was closer and i was getting really hungry. this was my first ever keylime pie, a very positive experience. now, where do i get keylimes in finland?

the heaviest downpour came while i was having lunch, how convinient!

there were lots of dead umbrellas around

the cloisters admission fee allows entry within the same day to the metropolitan museum of art as well. i wanted to go and see the exhibition of contemporary photography, but as my luck would have it, the museum closed right in front of my nose. that would be only the second time this week...tuesday i went all the way up to 103rd street ro visit the museum of the city of new york, only to find out that it had closed a half hour earlier.

to "punish" myself for not checking the hours beforehand, i decided to walk down madison avenue until i came across a restaurant where i would have my dinner...i ended up walking to 54th street (that would be close to 30 blocks) to burger heaven. this is the burger heaven burger and it was simply delicious, and no, i could not eat all the fries...

as another set of punishment i decided to walk back to the hotel, but this was only 15 blocks

almost fell in love again...what is it with pink shoes that always catch my eye?

not sure where these clouds of steam come from, but they make cool pictures, i think.

ps. today finally got hold of somebody at our national airline's US office. they first asked me if i wouldn't mind "few extra days"...gosh i was tempted! after some negotiation i got a flight for friday, which gives me one extra day. for those not in the know, the union for our airline's cabin crew members went on strike and hundreds of flights were cancelled, including mine for thursday.

Nov 30, 2010

top of the rock

shopping is hard work, fortunately i had the sense to be at macy's right after opening at 10am, but had to get out before noon, too many people...

as today (monday nov29) was very sunny i thought the sun set would be something to observe from somewhere high, like the top of the rock

these 2 pictures were taken 10 minutes apart

on my way to dinner i saw this...i swear i wasn't drunk!

Nov 29, 2010


the dates on my posts seem to have a mind of their own, i thought i changed all relevant times...

anyways, today is sunday nov28 and i woke up real early and was on brooklyn bridge at 9am. never have i seen it so deserted, but i think i've never been there that early

after the bridge and breakfast at clark's restaurant, i walked the brooklyn promenade. this tree grows at the south end of the promenade

i took the train to park slope, where i met this charming dog

after some adventures and two trains i finally found junior's resturant on dekalb avenue and had this piece of apple crumble cheesecake

had to burn off some thta sheesecake by walking the manhattan bridge back to manhattan. not too many pedestrians on that bridge either. now i only have the williamsburg bridge to walk...maybe tomorrow?

this lady was doing her exercises in a sports shop window on broadway

Nov 28, 2010

i'm in love!

i finally found what i have been looking for!

gotcha! those pink boots did catch my eye, but i fell in love with these... never did i think that pointy toe -boots could be so comfy. got these at stylish shoe corporation, which is run by a lovely couple, the staff was very nice and helpful, as well

i started yesterday in east village, in this candy heaven, economy candy

so many flavours!

i finally made my way to this famous location, katz's deli

i think i made the first timer's mistake of ordering too much, had a matzo ball soup and this enourmous pastrami sandwich. loved their mustard, but there was just too much meat

somehow i found myself in greenwich village, again, there was a fire on hudson. it looked like nobody was hurt, just a lot of smoke

pumpkin patch?

holiday market at union square


i finally got the meet the famous buster! he was very well behaved (will have to tell the dog once i get home)

buster's mom elizabeth had to take him to the vet's. to protect his privacy, i won't tell what was done...

elizabeth gave me a guided tour in greewich village, and treated me to tea and scones with clotted cream and jam at an utterly english little tea shop, tea & sympathy. thank you again!

we visited also the fat witch bakery in chelsea market. i got this as a souvenir, but i already ate it!