Feb 27, 2013

lots of snowy pics, some of sun, the dog and birdies

whoa...i guess i should have kept up with blogger. there's been so many changes i almost just gave up. anyways, it seems darkness of the winter got me big this year, hence the long pause on this blog. i have been missing the sun. the statistics people have gathered that this winter has been cloudiest in 25 yrs, and third in 50, with mere 50 hrs of sunlight between first of december and mid february. i rest my case.

this sight was welcome this morning, despite the fog and thin clouds...

the dog seems to not have minded the darkness, he naps a lot, winter or summer

                                     the full moon on monday night, snow moon some call it 

here's what the sun does! past few evenings the sunsets have been glorious.

the fluctuating temps make fog, and if someone has a more scientific explanation, please fill me in.

i don't know what little bird this is. i only know little birds, medium birds, large birds, black birds, gulls, eagles and woodpeckers.

there was a lot more snow last year...

pod of...gosh...i forgot! fox something comes to mind...

this is a woodpecker who demonstrates acrobatics at the feeder meant for LITTLE (hint, hint) birds. whether this woodpecker is a great, middle or lesser spotted woodpecker i don't know...

UPDATE: an ornitholigist friend of mine told that this is great spotted woodpecker

these are little yellow birds, certain someone thinks they are siskins (carduelis spinus)...

UPDATE: these yellow shrirpers are yellowhammers

along the cottage road

this was taken on planet earth, and you can ask my mom, she saw this, too. weird sunrise indeed.

from another point

enjoy the snow while it lasts!