Aug 20, 2013

just another walk, guest post by the dog

hi, it's the dog. bossy woman has been coming and going a lot, but she took me for a walk the other evening. i hear she's been busy, again. i still don't know what busy means. this is me sniffing in the barley field. i can smell those tiny rodents are somewhere close... 

this is a wheat field.

this is my favorite hobby, the grass feels so good on my back.

one moment i could see that bossy woman wasn't paying attention so i charged into the ditch. the water was nice an cool. she didn't like, said i will smell bad. hmpr.

this is another wheat field. they bought a new flexi-leash for me, now i can venture wider.

this big thing makes bad noises sometimes. this time it sat all quiet.

bossy woman was telling me that those machines are ok and not be afraid of them. i am not, i just think that it's wise to be alert when that kind of things are concerned. they do make big noise.

i think the farmer man has still a lot to do.

i want to go there but they never let me. there are some interesting smells coming from there.

those two are nacho and his brother who i haven't officially met. when nacho was younger he used to find his way out of the yard and then follow us on the road. bossy woman had to go backwards so that nacho would follow us to his home and his people pick him up. i think we could have such fun with nacho. the brother could come too, if he wanted.

i bet you can't see me now.

when we are at this point i know it's not far from home.

the stubble of the cut grasses feels good on my back too...

wait....there is something interesting...

i bet you can't see them but i could certainly smell them. there are 3 brown 4-legged fast ones on the right side of the upper field. them buggers sometimes come to the yard and eat bossy woman's veggies. not that i have any idea why they would do such a thing.

this is me eating my usual dinner, kibble and buttermilk. the other evening i got a juicy piece of gristle, for some reason they make me eat that on the grass. bye for now!