Jul 7, 2012

mergus serrator

this mama "duck", a red-breasted merganser (mergus serrator), has been visiting the cottage quite frequently this summer.

sometimes she comes alone and hangs on our deck...

...then flies away...

...only to come back the next day with the young ones.

...and into the sun set they ride...

Jul 6, 2012

last night

one would think that on leave you'd have all the time in the world to blog...but...you get a new toy (iPhone), you discover instagram, you drown in there, you realize that you need to sleep at least a for few hours...however, last night i made a feeble effort to post something, got lost in editing photos, noticed the moon and went out (and got tons of mosquito-bites!)

at midnight

at 1am, sun will rise in 2 hrs

it's been years, if not decades, since i last saw a glowworm. a very bad picture, no stand for the camera and there were zillions of hungry mosquitoes!

ps. if you know your way around instagram, i'm liisamarjafi. i'm still desperately trying to learn it.