Oct 19, 2010

toronto pics

we had certain someone's aunt's car at our disposal so, on our way down from noble to toronto, we actually passed toronto and drove to port dalhousie. our initial intention was to drive all the way to niagara-on-the-lake, but nature called and we had to leave the highway. we saw this cute barn on the service road

toronto city hall, we finns like to brag with the fact that it was designed by viljo revell

in big cities...everything goes

i liked the slogan above the entry of bass pro shop in vaughan, ontario. the shop was HUGE, and the mall attached to it was the biggest i've ever seen

we took advantage of the aunt's car and took a drive in downtown toronto, as it was labor day, the jams weren't that bad. the chinatown looked interesting but parking seemed to be a nightmare...

another toronto landmark

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