Oct 22, 2010

nyc moments, places & buildings

certain someone in front of olde good things on west 24th str

practise what you preach

chelsea restaurant

in the 1800s, new york city required that all buildings higher than 6 stories be equipped with a rooftop water tower

one of these years i need to go here and be "seen"

inside chelsea market

highline above 10th avenue, facing north, info also here

new york fashion week was on, those legs go on for ever

slightly thicker model, had to cut myself in half to compare with those skinny ones

elizabeth was also here

us open was also going on while we were in nyc. people watching a game in madison square park

ceiling of a grocery store on west 23rd

flatiron building

another landmark

i think this stands on west 42nd str at 9th av, i like how the clouds reflected on it. another shot thru bus window

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