Oct 21, 2010

bites to eat

drinks first...on air canada's plane, molson is the choice

the hosts weren't happy with the freshness of the corn (we couldn't tell the difference), steak was tender and potato very tasty (learned a new way to bake a potato, onions rings between the halves)

took this picture of someone's plate at the craganmor restaurant, pickerel and fries, this was what we would have had if the catch had been there before us...

buttery apple torte at cousin's house in noble

salmon on a board (i think that is how this was called). the cedar board is very wet, there's spices and you cook it on a grill. i'm thinking this is something we might try at the cottage come summer.

baking pulla at the cousin's house. there was no cardamom but it turned out well any way.

caramel apples, i fought the temptation to eat one...

a very nice lobster pasta at murphy's harbour front inn and resturant

tom yam soup at jaiya restaurant on east 28th street, nyc. cool looking in the dim restaurant, but hazardous to hair and flammable clothing...

chicken marsala at lasagna restauran

my lunch, a portobello sandwich, at the dish

we also ate a good dinner at blend, but the lightning made lousy pictures...one more nyc entry coming tomorrow!

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