Oct 20, 2010

on the bus

originally we had decided to take the train from toronto to nyc. well, originally we thought of splitting the vacation in half between toronto and nyc, but toronto won by days and we only stayed in nyc for three nights (which is always better than none!)

we ended up taking the bus and i think i might have committed an offence of sorts by taking this picture...at least there was a lady who was forced to delete a picture she took right opposite me. the 800 or so mile trip cost only 78 euros for us two, but it was looong (train would have been longer).

and why did we choose to sit 12hrs on a bus instead of flying? well, we wanted to see the scenery, and i don't mean these newspaper boxes, and everyone flies, not many people have taken the bus from toronto to nyc and we weren't in a hurry. enough? also, that was one experience i'll likely not forget very soon (there was a chinese couple behind us and the lady kept talking, and talking, and talking, she talked pretty much for 11½ hours, but i have already forgiven her...)

this was as close as we got to the niagara falls. both of us had been there before (albeit, eons ago) so we were satisfied with this view

these people were cruising on a trike, the weather was nice enough for that

our form of transportation

this was taken on a bright and hot afternoon at a gas station somewhere deep in pennsylvania...we got to see some of the locals...i thought such characters were the invention of movie makers...little did i know.

we were told the waterway is the delaware water gap. beautiful scenery, but pictures thru bus window don't make justice

reward at the end of the long day...

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