Sep 14, 2009


as in rehabilitation to maintain working ability. there are 9 others from my work place and we'll stay here for the week, and come back for 3 more sessions during the next 13 months. the link more or less explains what we do, or are supposed, to do here. this place also has a spa, best part of the whole deal is that these sessions are like a paid vacations. well, we are expected to "work" some, like i have fitness and muscle tests scheduled for tuesday, there are group exercises, lectures on how to prevent burn-out, among others. i did schedule some extras, like a massage, facial, pedicure and indian scalp massage, for those i do have to pay myself.

the facility has saunas, pools, gyms, etc, and very good food. which kinda fights against my decision to loose some "flab" with all these excellent opportunities to be active and excercise, we'll see...

i was going to hit publish but then thought that this might even more boring than usual without a picture... here is one i took this morning before my doctor's appointment

i was rather good today, i went walking for hour and a half. weather was gorgeous, i loved these trees which are near this facility, they are salix fragilis bullata

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