Sep 6, 2009

bear with me...

i am no tech wizzkid, i use the trial and error method, sometimes i get it, sometimes i don't. like, with the header, i really don't like the orangy box. i know how i want it to look but so far the options i've tried aren't making it any better... however, i will get there one of these days. also, i need to prop up my kitchen (that's mine in the new header) and get nicer picture, this was for "experinmental purposes", just that you know. or, i might get all my gadgets out at the shack and take a picture there. hmm, now that might work better

no food today. i thought i'd get something from the shop across the street but i feel lazy. so you'll only get a picture of the dog instead as he hasn't made an appearance in a long time

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