Sep 10, 2009


we went out to dinner! this has not happened in finland since... i do not remember. tomorrow would have been the right day for this occasion but i have the evening shift so we had my b'day dinner tonight.

we played tourist and took the train to town, i even had a bottle (a very small one) of sake. we went to koto in downtown helsinki. we've been there once earlier, like 10 yrs ago. i liked the decor better then, the restaurant does look very japanese now but plain instead of simply styled.

wasn't sure what i was going to have, other than the sake. here is starter miso with leeks and tofu

there were many warm dishes on the menu that i wanted to try but sushi won. sushi seems to win always... this was my plate and is called sakura

drinks, sake and kirin beer

thank you for dinner!

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