Sep 5, 2009

carrot harvest

we dug out the carrots, whole kilo of them in the big planter... i so need to get my vegetable garden started, somewhere, anywhere, at the shack? please, mr certain someone...

here are the rows still in

they look like carrots, taste like carrots, they just are a bit small

these two obviously took a liking to each other

this is all we got... though i think that a few might have disappeared earlier, maybe a bunny-rabbit, maybe someone else

all washed up

would have been nice to have gotten a proper harvest, like grates of carrots, potatoes, beets, etc. but where would we store them? an old fashined earth cellar would be ideal but hard to build, or rather dig in. so maybe this was ok, so far.

i checked the apple trees today as well... there are 3 huge trees and i could see about 50 or so apples in all of them. no apple sauce this year, i'm going to bake those apples into pies. maybe i should get some more plums and nectarines and make some more jams out of them...

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