Sep 3, 2009

vegetable oven pancake

few days ago the mailman dropped a pirkka magazine in my mailbox. usually i browse thru the magazine and its recipe attachment and throw both to the recycling bin. this time i found an interesting recipe for veggie oven pancake. pirkka is the magazine of store chain brand for kesko, they have pirkka products from groceries to cosmetics, they also have a website promoting their products.

it seems the recipe isn't online yet, but since it was in a free magazine, here is my adaptation of it:

2 eggs
8 dl milk
4 dl all-purpose flour
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp salt
50 gr butter / margarine (melted)
100 gr frozen spinach
300 gr vegetable (i used frozen mix of carrots, peas, cauliflower and some dried wild mushrooms)
2 dl grated emmental

preheat oven to 175C / 425F. mix eggs, half of the milk and flour. add salt and grated garlic (i used some white pepper and nutmeg as well), mix well and add rest of milk. defrost spinach and veggies (you could use zucchini and /or broccoli). add grated emmental and half of melted butter to batter. brush 13"X15" rimmed sheet pan (or 2 smaller) with rest of melted butter. pour batter onto sheet pan, bake for 30 mins, let cool a bit and cut to portions (you'll get 9 lunch size portions), serve with (or without) salad of mixed greens, boiled potatoes, etc. if you wish, you could really spice up the veggies and add chilis

pancake translated into finnish is this kind of baked batter of eggs, milk and flour seasoned with sugar and/or salt. omit all other ingredients of this recipe and add 1tbs sugar and you'll get a slightly sweet pancake that is to die for with strawberry preserve and cold milk.

this is how it looks baked

i think variations of this are going to be in my lunch box quite often in future. if you have a non-stick sheet pan you wouldn't have to use any fat. you could leave the cheese out, replace some of the flour with whole wheat, add even more veggies. just a forewarning, this pancake will puff up in places in oven, so don't panic, it's supposed to do it...

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