Dec 15, 2010

warm salmon & sprout salad

had some brussels sprouts in the fridge, they were on the brink of going south so i needed to figure out how to cook them. i've become dead set on starting to like brussels sprouts...

halved and rinsed the sprouts, minced the leek

then sauteed the sprouts in rapeseed oil on a hot pan for a few minutes, turned the heat off and added about ½ dl pinenuts to the hot pan until slightly browned...

then added the minced leek just to wilt it on the warm pan. meanwhile, i had cooked some rice

mixed all the sprouts, leek, pinenuts and rice in the pan, placed some of the mixture on a plate and flaked hot smoked salmon (that dad smoked at the cottage) on top, garnished the portion with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of maldon salt.

took a bite and noticed that the salad was screaming for some balsamico, so added about 1 tbsp of it. not sure if it was the combo of flavours but i think i'm starting to like the sprouts...

other than the salad, my day wasn't a very good one. went to see the surgeon about my wrist in the morning. the doctor was a nice guy, very blunt in a good way, but i was close to tears when i came out. it seems that my wrist is now as good as it will ever get, what the doctors can do is try and keep the wrist pain-free. this surgeon thought a total druj prosthesis is what is needed...(if you want to gross out yourself click the upper download under the picture of the device in the link). i was also told that as my wrist is a very complex matter a joint meeting with several of the hospitals hand surgeons is needed, that is scheduled for mid january. oh, i'm also invited...

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  1. I like the sound of this recipe for the brussels sprouts. I love salmon, so I'd love to try it with the sprouts. Thanks for letting me know about this recipe. I'm hungry already. ;-)

    How is your wrist today? Much better, I hope.



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