Dec 18, 2010

salmon risotto

another dish that came about the ways of what do i have in the fridge/pantry...there was a package of cold smoked salmon that needed to be used, too much rice in the pantry, still some dried wild mushrooms (they seem to last forever!), some parmesan that was almost too hard to there a recipe in this? hmm, sort of. if fish isn't your thing, just omit it, recipe will work without it

i used risella-brand risotto rice and followed (loosely) the package instructions on how to cook it. other than the rice i used:

½ dl dried mushrooms (any will do), soaked in ½ dl boiling water for 20 mins
1 clove garlic, grated
15 cm leek, white part, minced (or, medium white onion, minced)
1 liter (or so) low-sodium vegetable stock (i used herbamare)
2 dl 5% cooking cream
1 dl parmesan, grated
200 gr broccoli (from freezer, fresh will work too)
150 gr cold smoked salmon (very roughly chopped)
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
black pepper to taste (a lot!)

started by sauteeing the rice in oil until opaque, then added the leek, garlic, mushrooms with the water they soaked in (full of flavor) and 2 dl of the stock (kept it hot during cooking), mixed and let cook until most of the stock had absorbed, kept addind stock as need until most of it was used

by the time the rice was almost cooked (time depends on what kind of rice you use) i added the semi-thawed broccoli and cream...

...grated parmesan...

...and the salmon. i find the easier (and tidiest) way to chop is to just remove the top plastic of the package, leave the fish on the bottom part of package and chop on it. i buy my salmon sliced so very roughly chopping it to pieces will suffice. the fish will flake further once mixed into the other ingredients.

now, if you want you salmon fully cooked leave it on the warm stove for a few minutes. i like mine a bit rare, also, i didn't want to cook the broccoli any further, it had time to thaw completely int eh pan, cooking it any further would have made it mushy, and that's yacky (at least i think so). i took the pan off the stove and gave the pepper-mill a serious workout.

did i forget the salt? nope, like always and even with rice, i very seldom use salt when cooking. i find it's easier to add saltiness later, each according to their own taste, whether it be maldon salt, soya- or fish-sauce. and let's not forget, there is plenty of salt in the salmon...

like i mentioned above, this works well without the fish. you might want to add more leek and maybe an onion for more flavor.


  1. I found your recipe when I was looking for ideas on how to use cold-smoked salmon in a risotto. Quite interesting dish you have prepared, and I like your approach which also is my take on cooking: be no slave to any recipe! What I might have done, however, is to omit the parmesan, when deciding to use fish. That would be not only keeping true to the Italian tradition, but also to avoid too much salt in the final dish.
    In my risotto today, I plan to use asparagus (as the Spanish ones have arrived) but am still thinking about whether to include another cheese like cream cheese instead of the Parmesan. Also I haven't decide on the alcohol. I often use some white wine, but I know that even vodka would work. Trying to think what would make a good combo with the salmon, or with the asparagus, but I would like to choose one of those many souvenir bottles with liqueurs that have not been a success in this house hold. Another thing where the jury still is out is the question of whether to introduce a herb to this cold-smoked salmon asparagus combo. Perhaps basil would be a highlight, perhaps not? Such lovely choices!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and have a great spring!

  2. hello anonymous!

    thank you for the comment. this spring i will try a risotto with asparagus, green peas and mint, which seem to be the classic combination in many cookbooks.

    you're right about italian cuisine not using cheese with anything from the sea, but i don't let such a detail stop me ;)

    happy cookings and spring to you, too!


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