Dec 17, 2010

slightly asian hot dog soup & the dog in the snow

cold winter days are made for eating soup, i think so anyway. this was one of those "is there anything in the fridge or will i need to make some instant-noodles"-soups...

here is what i had:

200 gr white cabbage, shredded (used a cheese slicer to get really thin shreds)
10 cm piece of dark green part of leek, minced
100 gr celeriac, cubed (from the freezer)
4 medium carrots, cubed
1 medium parsnip, cubed
2 tbsp grated frozen ginger (had in it the freezer, keeps it longer and is easy to grate), if using freshly grated 1 tsp will be enough (unles you love ginger!)
1 liter low sodium vegetable stock (or what ever you have)
10 hot dogs (or any sausage, or optional), sliced
sesame oil to serve

had taken out some potatoes but felt lazy (didn't want to peel such small potatoes) and saved them for another use...

in a soup pot, first sauteed the cabbage and leeks in rapeseed oil on medium heat until cabbage wilted, then added the ginger, semi-frozen celeriac, half of the stock and brought to a boil.

then added the carrots, parsnip, rest of the stock and cooked for 15 mins on medium low. then added the sliced hot dogs and cooked for another 5 mins, turned off the heat but left the pot on the hot stove for another 10 mins. just before serving added a few drops of sesame oil for the slightly asian taste...

then it was time to take the dog for a walk...i have decided that i will not complain about the weather, it is what it is. i'm not a janitor anymore so i don't have to get my butt out of bed at 4.30 am, first to check if there is more snow, second go out and do something about it. but i will say that dressing for the walks is challenging, when it's -20C outside, you want dress warm but then you also need to take into concideration that walking in the knee-deep snow might make you sweat...

the dog loves snow

you never know what there is under all that white stuff

unless you take a nose-dive in to explore

you might even get lucky and find a fozen blob of horse manure, a cricetidae

the shadows are really long already in the early afternoon (i think the dog's shadow looks just like wile e coyote...)

me a coyote? c'mon...

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  1. Buster loved these photos
    he likes to play in the snow.


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