Mar 11, 2010


i could so easily adapt to this not having to go to work... if you asked right this second, i couldn't remember any of my passwords for computer at work. unfortunately there are also other things that i forget easily...

as certain someone also had some time off from work we went to visit my parents at the cottage and took the dog with us. the dog, obviously, liked to be able to run around free.

we arrived saturday afternoon and i just had to make some more of lahey's pizza. i have now, i think, found the optimal filling: thinly sliced red onions, prociutto, calamata olives, tomato and mozzarella

it had been freakishly cold during the night (-20C). certain someone and i slept in the old cottage (built some 30 yrs ago) with the dog. on sunday morning we woke up to a crisp +10C temperature, inside the cottage... the dog had done a runner around midnight and we had kept getting up during the night to take him back indoors, no luck, but more on that later.

mom and dad were all cosy in the new cottage and after such a cold (and sleepless) night we decided that soup would be good. by now you all should know how i make a soup, what's different this time is on which kind of stove the soup was cooked on. namely this wood burning one

steaming hot

as the stove was burning all day anyway, mom decided to make some oven pancake as well. why is it that mom's pancake tastes so much better than mine? could it be for finally getting to eat some with strawberry jam? the amount of butter and eggs mom uses in the batter...

on monday then, we still had to burn the oven all day... might as well take advantage of the heat in the oven and bake some brownies. the thing with wood burning stoves is that the oven temp is never quite accurate and is hard to adjust. the top got a tad bit darker than i would have liked but the brownies tasted great

there is still so much snow, i wonder if it's going to go away by midsummer?

my dad has a habit of putting things in most peculiar places, correction: peculiar things in peculiar places. i have no idea what he ever thought when he placed this thing (part of a winch??) beside the pillar in the front of old cottage. well, the things laying around do make nice still-lives...

it's amazing how diffrent the snow...

...makes everything look

now, there seems to be like a zillion things i need to get done while i still get to use both of my hands to do them with, like tons of laundry...

tomorrow at 7am i need to be at the hospital for the surgery all scrubbed clean, nails clipped, sober (would people really show up drunk?), with my own medicins (you'd think there'd be plenty in a hospital), tootbrush and slippers, with no make-up, nailpolish nor pierced jewellery. i do get to eat dinner tonight but nothing to eat after midnight and nothing to drink after 3am. they are kind enough to offer a "snack" after surgery.

if all goes well certain someone should be able to come and pick me up from the hospital sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. let's hope i do wake up and that they'll medicate my pains away... see you once i feel lucid again...


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