Mar 8, 2010

new pan & crepe-style pancakes

we've been at the cottage since saturday, lots of things going on, been too "busy" to blog... here's something i made at the shack last tuesday, namely pancakes. i had bought this new pancake pan (on sale) and i wanted to try it... and mom, yes i do have plenty of pans. it's just that the cast iron pan takes forever, the bigger ones are difficult because of high rims and... let's just say that i needed a pan for pancakes and leave it at that, shall we?

for the batter you'll need ½ liter milk, 2 eggs, 3 dl all purpose flour, 1/4 tsp salt, ½ tsp sugar and some fat, either melted butter or, for a lack of better name "liquid margarine". i find it easiest to first mix the eggs and 1 dl of milk, then add half the flour, mix vigorously, add another dl of milk, rest of the flour and mix again, then add salt & sugar, rest of the milk and the fat. i usually let the batter sit for up to an hour, but it's good to go as is

batter is a bit thinner than i would use for frying on a cast iron pan

warm pan on medium heat, pour just enough batter to cover the pan, fry until the edges start drying...

...and the underside is golden brown, or, if you like your pancakes a bit on the darker side a bit longer. my dad likes his pancakes quite dark and crispy and insists that sparkling water be added to batter right before frying. it does make the pancakes crispy and lacy

this batter makes approx 12 pancakes (not sure how many i ate before counting them...)

these were eaten with mom's raspberry jam (as i, still, haven't made any strawberry jam...)

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