Jul 26, 2012

rare night out

oh boy, summer leave is gone, days are getting shorter, it seems nothing gets done and i'm generally feeling "quite not right". i'm trying to tell myself that "it's just life, get over it".

anyways, certain someone wanted to see this band perform and i had kindly agreed to go with him. it had been a glorious day (i was told, was working indoors) and the evening looked pretty decent at 7pm when we were walking past the helsinki cathedral towards kaisaniemi puisto where the band was playing.

did i just say decent? that cloud looked menacing, but not to worry, i had my umbrella with me.

"there will be security checks at the gate". great, had to give out my umbrella. luckily i had one of those disposable raincoats in my bag, pretty hard to cover two persons with it, though. we weren't that badly soaked...yes, it rained, on one occasion pretty heavily...

no introductions needed, i presume.

those guys started playing in 1979. i think they must have been growing out their beards ever since...

certain someone says they played well and precise, not like on some gigs he's watched on youtube. i think they were loud, but it was a ROCK concert, and maybe possibly i should have known that and brought ear-plugs.

the band was closing just before 10pm, and we headed home before the crowds. this ugly, boxy building is the annex to kansallisteatteri (finnish national theatre). the orinigal theatre was finished in 1902 and i wish the 1954 annex had been true to the style of architecture of the original. maybe that's just me.

on the right helsinki central railway station, on the left apartment buildings.

walking towards the car thru kaisaniemi park the setting sun was finding its way thru clouds and trees. by the way, do NOT go there after dark, unless, of course, you're very tired of life, seek extreme excitement, or you're martial arts expert. other than that, you might loose your last penny.

"some day I will ignore my doubts". no one knows who put it there, here's better pictures.

the top of helsinki cathedral was also basking in the setting sun...

...and made a reflection on the windows of the national library of finland.

driving home, pasila tv-tower against the pink sunset.

ps. while i've been sitting, editing, writing and whatnot, the dog has been in and out the house several times. i wish i could get it on tape, he rings the door bell, quite vigorously, if i don't go to the door fast enough. indoors he bores pretty quickly, if/when i ignore him, and wants to go out...only to ring the bell 15 mins later.


  1. just dropped in, I also have this summer the feeling that it is going too fast...

    1. thanks for dropping by, ola, please come again. yes, this summer hasn't been a very summery one, lots of rain and chilly weather. hopefully august will be much better.

      i took a look at your blog...now i absolutely must have grilled octopussy, very soon...great pictures from greece!

  2. Well I shall try one more time to comment.... third times the charm ?

    Love this post and the reflections on the window, beautiful. Such a lovely sunset in the last photo.
    The minute I saw the band I yelled is that ZZ Top ? a favorite Texas band... what a hoot.
    You must take a movie of your doggie. He rings the bell to go out ? I am so impressed. What does he do to come in ?
    Mostly my dogs just sit and wait by the door and I always don't see them.... until I hear the running of tiny feet and then it is a rush to get my diabetic dog out the door before there is a accident.
    I need a bell !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. thanks, parsnip!

      oh, we've thought about making a movie for a long time...problem is we never know when the dog wants to come in so we'd get the ringing and letting the dog in on tape in one take. it surely is amusing to see peoples' faces when the bell rings and it's the dog that stands behind the door. when the dog wants to go out, he lets out a little whine (i can't even hear it if i'm sleeping, certain someone does, though) and goes to sit by the door to wait for us to let him out. when outdoors we need to keep him on a runner, otherwise we wouldn't see him for days. there's so many deer around, he wouldn't need us to feed him... would you believe, he's got such a mellow face!

      i want to also tell you that the door frame is very dirty, there are plenty scratches on the door and we change the batteries on the door bell quite frequently...

      on a more serious note, the dog was plenty old when he figured out the door bell thing (yes, all on his own), so i'm thinking there must be a simple way to make it happen when going outdoors... just take, say, a buzzer and buzz it every time you let the dog out and eventually the dog will figure out that the buzzer is the key to his relief...needless to say the buzzer needs to be placed low enough for the square ones to reach! oops, this is looooong, should have emailed you...

      sorry that you had trouble posting your comment.

      take care

  3. I love that your dog figured out the doorbell! My parents trained their dog to ring a bell when he needs to go outside. He's small, so they hung a metal bell on a cord next to the door at his level, and he taps it with his paw when he wants out.

    1. hi, heather! sorry for the late reply...oh, animals are way smarter than we give them credit for, they could learn almost anything if us people had the smarts to figure out a way to teach them.
      thanks for stopping by!


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