Jul 13, 2011

garden shots

the peas are ripening nicely...

...tomatoes too!

the "herb garden" looks weird in the light of the setting sun. clock-wise from top: two types of thyme, oregano, mint, sage, parsley and cilantro.

studied yesterday all three of the apple trees at the shack, managed to find total of six apples developing...total for the three trees! i guess i won't be making any apple sauce this year, hoping for one apple pie, though.

this lone lily has sprung up in the mismanaged stone border at the shack. see the rose on the left? just for the record, i hate it. busted my wrist to get rid of them and now, 2 yrs later, they are all over, even more vigorous than ever!

hmm, this zucchini showed at "the dump" where we take everything compostable (sans food scraps). i did grow some zucchini from seed, not all, in fact, only one, made it to garden. it'll be interesting to see if this individual produces anything...it looks healthy enought, althoug a bit tiny.

this is a weed...the ants seem to like it.

the butterfly seems to like this weed...

the spider must have had some sort of affair with this campanula...

can you spot the fly?

my uncle's wife's roses are enormous this year. she did tell me the name of the rose, but i forgot it.

her lilies are beautiful as well.

this is indoors, certain someone's mom gave this to me a few weeks ago. the coloring is enchanting, and changing with the light. it will be interesting to see how the plant survives in my care.

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