Apr 11, 2010

moose patties & dijon mash

some time ago i helped myself to a bit of ground moose meat from mom's freezer, today i decided to make use of it. started by mixing together 1 dl bread crumbs, one medium size minced onion, 2 dl sour cream, 1 tsp chilli powder, one egg

the dark mince is the moose, added some ground beef as well, total was approx 800 gr of ground meats. threw in some parsley as well

i had thought of making normal size meatballs but i got lazy and made them huge. then decided that they would cook faster if i patted them down a bit. this spoon is perfect size to portion for "huge" meatballs...

first browned the patties on both sides on rather hot pan, then poured in some water and let them cook on low for 15 mins, turned them once

i had browned some button mushrooms earlier, placed those on top and added some 2% cooking cream and black pepper for the sauce

mashed potatoes is my favourite, although i rather eat mom's mash than my own ('cause her's is so much better). today i figured i needed to upgrade my mash and decided that grainy dijon mustard and minced parsley would do the trick, and some cooking cream. to my amazement, this was really nice. not sure where i picked up the dijon but it works!

i would have been fine if i'd only eaten this much...

while i was busy in the kitchen, certain someone attacked one of the apple trees... he chopped away this much

now the old monster looks like this. there is still some to be chopped off, but we'll leave something for next spring (if the tree survives that long...)

took some of the young branches indoors, maybe we'll get apple blossoms (maybe we don't)

ps. yes! i will get rid of the easter decorations, one of these days...


  1. Nikad nisam kombinovala cufte sa ovakvim sosom ali mi zvuci savrseno a i krompir pire je super... pamtim pa pravim :)

  2. i didn't know i made cufte! my father hunts and that's where i get moose meat.

    i so need to start practicing the little srbski i still remember...


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