Apr 13, 2010

flood & leftovers

you might remember (or not!) my april 2nd post about a pond and a brook that were in danger of over-flowing... well, flood they did. there are ruins by the bridge from pond to brook, we think that there must have been a mill way back when. there is so much water in the pond that it had to find another way besides the obvious, under the bridge. fortunately, this path isn't the only road to anyone's home

certain someone climbed down a bit to get this shot. the smaller "rapid" on the far right is the flooding part

rumor has it that the big manor (way back when) had russian prisoners of war after WWII, we figured this might have been where they were kept locked in... more likely, this really is part of a mill

this would be the leftovers... there were plenty of moose patties, we had the last today for lunch with whole wheat spaghetti

first hepatica nobilis / common hepatica of the spring

this little ladybug was still rather slow...

i'll be gone until monday as i'm taking a little trip with my brother and nephew. tell you all about when i return...

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