Apr 4, 2010

chocolate cupcakes & shrimp cocktail

what do chocolate cupcakes and shrimp cocktails have in common? nothing that i can think of, other than i made both yesterday...

the cupcakes are from the cupcake book that i got at xmas. this particular recipe isn't on the web, but it's very close to marthas brownie recipe i've been using, little less butter, little more flour. the recipe said it would make 12 cupcakes and that's what i was prepared for.

silly me, i thought the author being british, that one cupcake would be a normal size cupcake, not one of those monstreous american cupcakes... so instead of 12 i got 17. well, served me right for not reading the foreword before starting

i felt you really needed to see this goodness up close... (not telling you how many i ate still warm from the oven) and the smell, it was pure heaven!

well, you can't live on cupcakes alone (though i'd be tempted to try...) so i made us a "light salad" for dinner. first crossed the avocados (one for each) with a knife, then carved the meat out into a bowl, poured the juice of half a lemon on top and sprinkled on some chili powder and mixed well

then placed some greens on plates, placed the now empty avocado peel in center and filled it with sour cream dressing (2 dl of sour cream, chili powder to taste, 1 tsp ketchup), placed some shrimps on the dressing, bigger shrimps around the peel of avocado and avocado cubes here and there. isn't it pretty? it would have been perfection if i'd had some fresh dill to garnich with

does this really need words?

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