Apr 10, 2010

another teriyaki salmon & omelette

today it felt like spring is really here, we were busy working in the garden at the shack. well, there isn't much to be done with one hand but something anyways. will show all about the garden-work tomorrow.

for breakfast we had mushroom-tomato-mozzarella omelette, with basil

yesterday at the grocery store certain someone said he'd like some salmon so that's what we picked. the salmon file became our dinner tonight

this was going to be as easy as it can get... took out some teriyaki sauce

poured some into a glass dish and placed the salmon flesh side down on the teriyaki sauce, covered the dish and placed it into the fridge for the afternoon

after couple of hours of marination, the salmon had got some deeper color

heat up the pan on medium high, seared the salmon flesh side first and then turned the pieces over and the heat to low. after 3 minutes i turned the heat off and put the lid on, as i didn't want to dry out the fish. this way i got perfect doneness, not too dry but still flaky

boiled some brown rice and steamed some broccoli to go with the salmon, served the rice and broccoli with sesame oil. i only drank half of that beer...

made some green salad (arugula, romaine and regular green salad) as well. here's the ingredients of the simplest salad dressing, juice of half a lemon, ½ tsp (grainy) dijon mustard, sugar, black pepper and oil (1 part lemon juice, 3 parts oil, seasonings to taste)

then just whip and there you have it! i usually make the dressing in the bowl i'm serving the salad in. one dish less to wash...

we got one apple tree pruned today and my neck is aching for all the looking up...

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