Oct 22, 2009

nyc, days 6 & 7, final episode, oct 8th & 9th

there is still a lot to see in nyc, especially for certain someone but even for me, with umphteen visits under by belt. if i got my way, i'd go for a couple of months, but who has that kind of money.. i did leave in the lotto, there's cool 5 million to be won!

thursday was a fine day for walking, which we did all the way down to 15th str and chelsea market. there were several shops that i wanted to visit, amy's bread being one of them. i wished i'd been hungrier, they had all sorts of goodies

these were displayed at the lobster place. see the price on these? nothing! aah, to be able to go shopping there, they had whatever from the sea. i'd cook fish forever

since it was kinda already lunch time, we got this wrap from the lobster place

this mini pizza from amy's bread, excellent combo of black olives, tomatoes, goat cheese and parmesan

dessert was obligatory, vanilla cupcake with milk chocolate frosting from amy's bread. i do like some frosting on a cupcake but this much just might be near overkill

just spent 20 mins trying to find the name of the artist that made this crawling creature, no luck. it was put on the hallway wall for earth day (april 22nd)

not going to tell where this hall leads to but interesting mirrors...

in a resturant, on the corner of greenwich and gansewoort, we saw mickey rourke eating lunch. you don't believe? i'm sure it was him, 2 goons watching over so i wasn't going to go and take a pic. anyway, these were on a building on the corner of w 13th and 9th ave

suddenly back home in finland with all the birch trees? no, this is at high line which was known also as the west side railway tracks. originally built on street-level but moved above it in the 1930's due to a large number of accidents with big wreight trains that used the tracks. the high line was neglected for decades, it's now a park and so far runs from gansewoort to 20th str as section 1. section 2 will run further to 34th str and will open sometime in 2010

another view from the high line

walked deeper into village, the famous magnolia bakery (no cupcakes this time)

in the city, anything goes

certain someone had a rest in late afternoon, again. i went for another spree, again... cute facade of a hardware store

certain someone wanted to find a fancy restaurant for our last dinner in the city, he found this, tello ristorante on 8th ave at 19th str. and a fine one did he find

i even had a drink

fresh lobster with linguine, we both had the same entree

i really didn't have room for dessert but i'm glad i had this, panna cotta with raspberry and vanilla sauce, he had blackberry sorbet

we had to leave the hotel by noon but there was still time for a walk in the morning, no shopping involved. on the way back to hotel i wanted get some dumplings from rickshaw but they weren't open yet, what a disappointment.

this pic was taken in midtow from the cab on our way to JFK

wonder if he wants to go back...

art at JFK terminal 8

the food court at terminal 8 has variety, from mcdonald's to pizza, pretzels and chinese. we had the latter, i must confess i did go to mcdonald's for a fudge sunday later... the flight was amazingly short, only 7hrs 15 mins, we got to take off on our slot, on time (!) and arrived home 45 mins ahead of schedule. now, when can i go back?

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