Jul 10, 2009

eggplant, felt slippers

i already forgot what we had for lunch yester, dear mom informs that it was veggies and sausage soup, no pic of that. if you're really interested, check any soup i've made so far and you pretty much get the idea. chop any veggies you have, first fry them up a bit in the kettle in oil, add boiling stock or water, cook for 10 mins, add chopped potatoes, cook for 15 mins, add your chopped sausage (any kind of cooked meat, or none at all!), salt to taste (or any other seasoning your palate says tastes good, dash of chili always kicks it up a notch!) cook to heat the sausage

this what we had for dinner, eggplant, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. i used to make a bake with these ingredients ways back, but like with so many others things nowadays, i forgot the exact way to make it... and there is a specific name to that dish. i do remember that i got it from martha (who else) and it's possibly somewhere in the wide spaces of the web. however, there wasn't time to start looking for it, i had hungry people to worry about. and this was easy.

2 eggplants sliced almost all the way, salted generously and left to drain for approx 20 mins. rinsed the eggplants, stuffed every other space with tomato+basil and every other with mozzarella, placed in a tin, drizzled with oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, covered with foil and it's ready to go, 200C oven for 60 mins, last 10 with the foil removed

while this was in the oven, i remembered that i should have used garlic. of course, there isn't any garlic at the cottage, it smells bad says dad (duh!) i took the tin out, peeled the foil and added some chopped green onions on top. for the last 10 mins i added some grated gouda. i kinda missed the garlic, or any kind of kick in it. dad said it tasted mellow, not something i would normally trying to achieve but everyone liked it, so i guess mellow is ok. as a rule, dad doesn't eat basil, but we "forgot" to tell him that there was some in the dish. but then again and because there are a lot of things he won't eat for no obvious reason, we usually don't tell him what's in a dish. if he picks it up and leaves something on the plate... i can live with it, i tried

i got these great felt slippers as a xmas present few years back. i wear them at the cottage, rain or shine. because of the rubber sole they take wet groud, they are warm enough in the winter in case you need to make a quick dash somewhere, like, say the outhouse... if you have sweat issues with your toes, these absorb it and toes remain dry. this company isn't paying me anything, i really do like them

i noticed on the website that they have some cool new models, maybe i should get a pair for the shack as well. not that i would need them to dash out over there, he does have indoor plumbing. but hmm, let me be cruel here, if he didn't, i don't think i'd stay overnight. also, i'm no princess (who said that i am?!!) but outhouse every day? no way. cottage is totally different, you know you'll get to go home where you can flush...and don't get me started on all the flying bugs


  1. The stuffed eggplant looks good -so do the slippers! :) Hyvää lomaa!


  2. Hei Tiina,

    Kiitos ja Dobar Tek Sloveniaan!

  3. WOW (impressed look). Your eggplant dish looks so yummy.

    Here I bought a sauce pack for Sauce for Spicy Eggplant so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

  4. hi sophie,

    let me know how it works, have a great weekend!

  5. hello... my sister LOVES it! hohoho that means my cooking is not bad. but for me, i want it to be a bit more spicy~~ cause i like spicy food!

    have a nice weekend too!


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