Jul 3, 2013

chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

yep, all that in one glorious cake. the recipe is from nigella lawson, but it's not because of her recent troubles that i wanted to make it. i saw one of her shows sometime in april and decided this something one must try. but, can you believe, peanut butter is not a staple at our grocery stores, nor are chocolate chips! i managed recently to make a trip to behnford's to stock up some of these rarities.

cast members

not pretty, but once the machine had done its work the smooth silky ooey goodness...seriously, it was so good ate some just as is (ok, maybe a tiny bit more than "some"), definitely made sure there was something left in the bowl to be licked...

the recipe calls for one 23cm/9" tin, but i had planned to take some to work, leave some for certain someone and send some to his mom, so i divided the batter into 3 15cm/6" tins.

it had been a good idea to taste some of the filling as there was plenty for the smaller tins, and there was going to be a topping as well

did shorten the baking time a bit, this is after the first bake sans the topping.

the topping...yep, needed to lick this bowl too...

after the second bake. the smell was amazing but the cakes needed cooling down and a night in the fridge...

this one was left with certain someone, he had some with coffee from his favorite mug (from fishs eddy).

the cake needs refrigeration and therefore maybe isn't the best of summer treats.

i want to say something to the weather man. if you say it's going to be a rainy day, you better make sure it's a rainy day and not sunny and well above our normal summer temps. only a crazy person (or someone with air-conditioning) would heat the oven on a 27C/80F day. the indoor temp ended up being 31C with no relief from keeping the windows open all night. 

and because i had the oven on and it is the season...made some shortcakes and whipped some cream...


  1. i didnt know you had a blog ... now that i do i will be following you!

    1. yep, been a bad blogger lately, though

  2. will you be offering the ability to receive your blog via email?

    1. blogger has been giving me a hard time lately...but i think i just added the email-thingy, hope it works!

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    Looks delish! Would so love to taste some.

    Nigella has problems? Hmm...

    1. this cake is delish! so glad i gave away the other two, they would have gone so fast ;)

      didn't you know? nigella moved out from her marriage after he put his hands on her throat in a restaurant (there are pictures) and tried to belittle that in papers even though she was crying in the restaurant and when leaving (again, there are pictures). such tabloid gossip!

    2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2013

      Oh wow! No, I hadn't heard about Nigella. Interesting. He actually assualted her in public. Good luck to her. I hope she makes the right choices for herself and family. BTW, you could have given me some of that cake. :-)

    3. yes, i should have, but get your virtual plate 'cause there's a slice coming your way :))

  4. awesome .. now it will arrive in my email and i wont miss a post!

  5. This looks so good.
    Now I want some. le sigh
    One of my friend was looking for a cake like her Mum use to make . She never could find one or a recipe till she saw one in one of Nigella's cookbook. And yes it was so very close and she is so very happy now !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. nigella does have some great recipes and if you ever saw any of her shows you know that most males will gladly watch the show, too ;)

      bellyrubs for square ones!

  6. Well, that peanut butter cheese cake looks absolutely lethal! Of course now I want it, it is all I can think about...

    1. hee hee, there was a reason i made 3 small ones!

      bellyrub for dexter!

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