Sep 7, 2012

not the kind of apple your doctor prescribed, my apple crumble

the apples are plentiful this year, they are breaking the trees...the red ones on this very old tree are so sweet. even though that huge branch has almost fallen off, the apples are ripening happily. many fall on the ground and i bet it doesn't take very long when the deer start coming in for dessert as well.

these would be so very healthy like this, but you can turn them into a very yammy dessert...there really isn't a recipe, there really isn't a need for one as this is so simple.

isn't this a cool tool? i used think this was waste of material, but one autumn when i made about 40 jars of apple sauce, i suddenly figured how handy this actually is. but you could use a knife as well.

rolled oats, demerera sugar and very cold butter cut to cubes. let your conscience tell you how much of each. my conscience was pretty quiet...

you could use another fine tool the pastry blender here. i couldn't find mine, so used my fingers to rub the ingredients slightly together, it's ok to leave lumps of butter.

place the apples onto an oven dish, spread the butter-sugar-oats mixture on top and place on the lower part of 200C oven (preheated, no fan)...and let the dish bubble for a good hour...

...the smell will be mind-blowing. you need to be patient here, you really don't want to burn your mouth...

...while the bake is cooling off, you can take some (full fat) cream, whip it, add a generous amount of vanilla paste, some sugar won't hurt either, and mix them well. when you're absolutely sure you won't burn your mouth, or just can't wait any longer, spoon some of the bake on a bowl, add some of that cream...gosh, you gotta know how good this is!

i just had a check-up with blood works and all, the company wants us to have one every other year. my numbers are great and my risks of getting diabetes or heart disease are minimal. could be my genes, could be what i eat when i'm not indulging in desserts like this...


  1. This is wonderfully healthy!
    and yummy
    I will go up to the green market and see what new apples are in.
    I usually just make apple crumble

    butter+ raw sugar+ flour (little vanilla and salt)
    much the same as yours but less healthy!
    when are you coming to New York?

    1. hih, the rolled oats surely are healthy, but i doubt the amount of butter i used is!

      oh, new york, new york...i have some leave in november, whether i/we can make it happen then is still under discussion.

      bellyrub for buster!

  2. This is the second post I have read today that showed beautiful apple from their own trees. How lucky you both are.
    Now I must go make this !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. thanks, it is curiously satisfying to cook from home grown produce!

      bellyrubs for the square ones!

  3. Yes the apples are plentiful! They are growing wild here and are used to feed the pigs, there are so many! My husband has diabetes so he won['t even eat fruit- I think I must be cautious, I do not want to wreck my pancreas like he has done to his- so I eat baked apples with cinnamon only - Just as good really! I am glad to hear that you are in tip top shape! Stay that way- please!

  4. I love your apple tree!

  5. oh my gosh.

    I'm glad I don't have a huge sweet tooth. This looks delicious!

    1. it was! luckily the apples are only an autumn thing, my waistline couldn't survive eating this all year long...


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