Apr 13, 2012

out and about in nyc

madison square park on tuesday evening.

strand bookstore stalls by central park on 5th avenue at 60th str. we got paul austere's "man in the dark" and marilynne robinson's "housekeeping".

flaming cactus on astor place. there are several lamp posts wrapped with colorful zip ties.

somewhere in east village, not sure if this is by olek...

certain someone is looking to add (yet) another guitar to his collection. we went to east 4th to find that rivington guitars opens only at noon...

walked around and rode the train and ended up at guitar center on e 14th. he didn't get any yet, but said this played nice.

in a window at mcdougal str.


this older gentleman looked very serious and "old", until i noticed his bright green shoes...

i wished i could have captured expressions on men's faces when this tall, all-legs beauty got onto the train. she was wearing shortest of shorts, flaunting with all her might, unashamed. good for her!

happy music

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