Mar 18, 2012

pak choi soba salad with asian dressing & spare ribs

certain someone had been talking about spare ribs for the longest time. he'd seen a cooking show where they barbequed spare ribs...with all the snow bbq isn't going to happen so i decided to bake some in the oven.

this is a no-brainer, place the ribs in a heavy duty plastic bag and pour in the sauce...

...mix well and let marinate over night, or at least a few hours.

found these in the pantry and thought it was time to utilize them. the asian markets have such a variety, i always buy something with the good intention to cook something with it soon, like the next day, sometimes the items lurk around a wee bit longer...

normally i'd cook this much for one person but since they were going into a salad...

before cooking the noodles, i put the ribs on rimmed baking tray lined with foil (clean-up is no much easier) and placed the tray in 180C oven for 40min, after that hiked up the heat to 200C and put the fan on for 5 mins more.

got the pak choi at oriental market in helsinki. i see their point in selling them in 1 kg packages but that's a lot of pak choi...need to ask them to sell ½ kg packages as well.

rinsed the pak choi well and chopped quite thinly... it did with this very bendy spring onion.

normally i'd use red chilli but i had some green ones left from the indian cooking. used only about a half of one since they were rather hot...

made the dressing with soya sauce, sesame oil, grated ginger and the minced chilli. the soba noodles were rinsed with cold water after cooking, strained them and mixed the dressing first with the noodles...

...before adding the pak choi and spring onion and mixing well, yammy!

there are about 1600 pics from india and i'm still in the middle of the arduous job of sorting them out...they will appear, one day.

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