Jan 16, 2012

little about the dog

thought it was time for the dog to play the lead. to start with, his best ever grin...one of the front teeth was missing already when he was taken into custody, not even the orphanage knows what had happened to cause him to loose it. the dog's picture was in the newspaper as the orphanage was trying to find homes for him and other rescues. certain someone saw the article and thought that the dog looked a magical creature (he insists that the dog is an elf. it would take forever to explain his reasoning as to why it is so, i won't even try), went to see him and there you go...

the first year was horrible. during the first week certain someone took the dog back once, slept overnight, went to get him back, determined to take care of him. blood (well, not really), sweat and tears were needed, and still sometimes something triggers off the dog and he goes berserk for a minute or two. since certain someone lives in the country the dog "natural instincts" are good, but i wouldn't be taking him to town any time soon, too many new things to get excited about.

long walks is what he likes, not to appreciate the scenery but to sniff around and look for frozen blobs of manure...

...or to hunt for poor little mouses...

...and then play innocent.

his loves his chair to cuddle up in, but only in the winter...

trying to keep watch but having an occasional nap...

so little snow this winter, but so much water that the ditches are gurgling away making it sound like spring already.

mid-morning nap...

...a little stretch after it.

update on jan 17

certain someone has saved the article that appearead in the local paper in which the dog was posing (with that embarrassing cone because of...hmm...delicate surgery) as the poster boy for rescue dogs.

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  1. What a super post!
    Now I know lots more about your pup.
    Buster would love to come to play with him and have adventures in the snow!


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