Nov 26, 2010

thanksgiving in nyc

thanksgiving would be a perfect day to clean the awnings, no one on the sidewalks at 34th near empire state building

at macy's parade, i caught only superman's butt...

at the pond in bryant park, this little girl in pink jacket was trying, she was trying so hard, but she was very tired

peculiar looking salesperson (?) in one of the stalls at bryant park holiday market

his name is ziggy, he was very young

his name i didn't ask

at the rockefeller center, i'm pretty sure these people hadn't looked in the mirror before going out

part of xmas decorations at the rockefeller center

i quite liked this dedication on a central park bench

alice in wonderland in central park

my treat for the day, junior's cheesecake, they are supposed to be the best. i didn't go all the way brooklyn but got this at grand central. i thought i deserved this as i walked all the way from 39th to 77th street, in the rain

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