Jan 10, 2010

pioneer woman's egg in a hole

was what we had for breakfast today. i was browsing her cookbook just before bed, well, in bed, actually. as the recipe is super easy i thought i'd make it for breakfast.

cutting out the holes here. (if i ever have the need to make fancy hors d'oeuvres, this is how i'll cut the bread)

warm up the pan, place the bread on said pan, crack one egg to each hole. how easy is that?

except if you're super-bad in following any recipe... i forgot one important ingredient... namely the butter. you're supposed to melt butter on pan first, then put the bread on the pan.

mine came out looking like this. the bread would have looked (and tasted!) a lot better had i used the butter

i did brown some cooked ham i had in the fridge to top the holes with, sprinkled some chilli powder as garnish. very nice, and easy. just don't forget the butter...

the dog then... he just dozes off in his chair. too cold to be outside, "observing" the world is easier indoors thru the window...

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