Jan 6, 2010

another cold smoked salmon pasta

when i don't have time for anything else, i make this pasta dish. it's 20 mins from start to eating, no kidding, and faster if you use pasta that cooks quick. well, sometimes i make it just because i think it tastes really good...

my shop across the street at the apartment is nowadays open from 7am to 11pm (which in itself is quite convinient, yet very dangerous as to fighting cravings at 10.30pm) i'll be able to get these ingredients whenever.

i started by bringing water to a boil for the pasta. i have used up all white pasta in the pantry, so it's whole wheat from now on (you can never get too much fiber). white pasta would look nicer with salmon, so if you made this for the looks, feel free to use white, it's equally tasty. i used whole wheat fusilli, cooking time for that is 10 mins.

leeks pre-slicing, approx 10 cm piece of the light green part

slice it fine, like here. on occasion i've used button mushrooms instead of leeks, works equally well (if not better when sauteed in butter). i'm still looking for a perfect knife, this victorinox is quite good and not that expensive, but time will tell if it'll become my absolute favourite

once the water is boiling, add pasta. i always cook plenty, if there is some left over, you get a base for a quick salad. heat up a skillet on medium heat to wilt the leeks in 1 tbsp of oil, for approx 2 mins. i used rape seed oil, if you have non-stick pan, no fat is needed, just add few tbsps of water to steam the leeks.

i buy the salmon sliced in 150 gr package, it's easy to roughly chop to smaller pieces

i could not resist, a dip in soya sauce, it is so goooood!

once the leeks are wilted, pour in 2 dl of cooking cream. i used 4%, but go as fat, or lean, as you like. bring the cream to a boil, turn off the heat, add the salmon, season with black pepper (lots of black pepper!), mix well and leave on the warm stove until pasta is done. this salmon could be eaten "raw" but if eating raw fish is repugnant to you, do leave the stove on and cook the sauce a bit longer

again, no salt added. there is some in the salmon, and i did splash some soya sauce on top. if the sauce looks too thick for your taste, thin it out with some water. serve either plated or from a big bowl, bon appetit!


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