May 1, 2009

hauskaa vappua! happy may day!

yesterday, vappuaatto / eve of may day was sunny but on the chilly side. we celebrated with this:

not much of a beer drinker but half of this went down quite effortlessly. later on we had company over, we had quasedillas (anna olson style), gancia asti and beer. quesadillas are super-easy to make, all you really need is tortillas,cheese and jalapenos, but it's easy to add minced beef, black beans, bell peppers. unfortunately, and it seems that this happens way too often nowadays, i forgot to take pics of the food! so you'll just need to take my word that it looked, and tasted, great.

certain someone's mom is coming over for may day lunch. i'll try to be more diligent with pics this time. in the meantime, hope your hangover isn't the killing kind...

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