May 19, 2009


despite my wrist, the garden needed some attention. it was a lovely morning, and the dog, which, by the way, should be guarding, was not! imagine being able to take so easy at you job!?

now, that is better!

there are new buds all over. at the shack, you just need to dig a little to find them for all the weeds. here's muscari

the rhubarb looked like it needed rescuing

i'm hoping we'll get a pie out of these in a week or two. i didn't have the heart to pull out the lone tulip


the lovage has gone crazy and so needs to be replanted, soon

i was digging out an old flower bed and found this tiny-tiny (5 cm) lizard on the soil, i did rescue her, too

this is how the flower bed looked before

planted 2 kinds of alliums and sunflowers in it and lined the bed with old broken pots. well, had to break some more to get all of it lined

those green ones are tree onions, allium cepa viviparum and were the only non-weed plants that managed to grow in this bed

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