Jun 6, 2009


it was nice and warm, even hot, a week ago but this is what the thermometer showed this morning! and it was even colder yesterday morning, +3C.

since the weather is cold, it's perfect time to use the oven, not just to bake but it will warm up the shack a bit as well. there are still some mushrooms in the freezer, i thawed some chanterelles, chopped an onion and half a bell pepper and sauteed them for a while

i didn't feel like making a pie dough and since i had some frozen... took the easy way out. i will not mention the brand (again) because they are not paying me... anyways, i added some chives, salt, chili, white pepper and grated emmental to the mushrooms, and poured a mixture of 2 eggs and 2 dl cooking cream over

had to taste some, and then some more. i did save some for certain somenone who was on a first gig with the band.

i also baked a brown butter strawberry tart. i saw one made of raspberries on alexis's blog, in the june 1st entry. the recipe is very easy and the crust can be used in all sorts of tarts. i will try this with raspberries when they are in season

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