Jun 1, 2009

peonies, etc

remember the entry with nettles? here is how bad the peony-bed was before weeding

there are more nettles than there are peonies!

this is what i learned from martha. it's not that i'm jealous of her peonies but i do wish i had more!

i got 4 new ones, 2 white and 2 pink. i don't think they will bloom this year, maybe not even next year, but one day...

this sage has been in the same spot for 4 years, it seems to like it there. almost took it out after the first summer (little did i know of sage) but was pleasantly surprised next spring when it started shooting greens

i so wished i would have had a proper veggie and herb garden this year, snif. that didn't happen so i thought of using these big planters to plant spinach, peas and carrots, here's the spinach. the peas will do nicely in the planter and since the planters are quite deep, i figured that carrots just might have enough soil to grow at least 15 to 20 cm long. that remains to be seen...

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