Jun 1, 2009


certain someone has a bike, sorry, the bike of bikes, a harley davidson. it's his third, or fourth, i've lost count... i fail to understand the constant need to "upgrade" the machinery, like men do. i used to own a bike, i won't mention which one because it wasn't the right kind, also, how long ago it was. when i sold it i made a promise to myself, if i ever got another bike, it would be a harley. well, it's not that i couldn't afford it, it's not that i wouldn't enjoy riding it, right now i feel it would just be another thing to worry about, simple as that. anyone who knows anything about bikes, knows that they need fixing, always. i feel that i've got better things to do with my time than fix bikes, like baking! here are some snap-shots of his harley

when i was taking this one, i got a comment "the other side looks better"

so here is the other side. we took a ride yesterday to nummela for pizza. the weather was quite warm, an amazing 26C, just hoping it wasn't the last hot day of summer. oh, the pizza was great. i don't eat pizza that much, this pizzeria has a nice crust, crisp but chewy. my sin is to eat pepperoni pizza, so there was plenty of fat... my excuse was the aftermath of a migraine headache which feels like a killer hangover. those who get migraines know what i'm talking about, those of you who don't, well, you should feel blessed.

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