Jun 6, 2009

soup, again

this was earlier on the week and there was "nothing" in the fridge, or so i thought. i dug out some parsnips, zucchini, celery, root parsley, potatoes and some sausage

first i sauteed the veggies, cooked them approx 15 mins before adding the potatoes. cooked that for 10 mins before adding browned sausage

the soup looked a bit lame colorwise so i dug a little deeper and found a red bell pepper, and some leek in the freezer. used stock from a bottle, and since the medley wasn't that exciting i added some chili for a little kick. i think soups are under appreciated, they can be a very satisfying meal, and you can use your imagination to use up whatever you have in the fridge or pantry. this would have been great even without the sausage and very "light" that way

i'm not a big believer in recipes labeled as "light". you should watch what and how much you eat, use butter where it is needed but not every day. however, i sometimes give "light" a chance, like it did here with healthy brownies. since i don't like the taste of coffee in my brownies, i omitted the coffee powder and used both the whites and yolks of the eggs (didn't want to waste them) and added some more flour because of the added liquid in the eggs. i like my brownies with nuts so i added half a cup of mixed nuts. well, the result looked ok, tasted ok on the day it was baked... but... would i make it again? hmm, maybe if i knew all of it was going to be eaten right away, like for a party

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