Jun 6, 2009

hoya carnosa

i do not remember where i got this hoya carnosa, but it was well over 10 yrs ago. i gave it to a friend for a year to take care of when i was working abroad. to my surprise, when it came home it started shooting long spurs and after few months it bloomed. when that happened for the first time, i did't even notice it but only after i started looking around to find the source of rather strong, kinda sweet odor in the apartment. the smell is not bad in itself, it's just one of those smells that trigger my migrane.

the poor plant gets watered once a week, or not. it has never been fertilized and it got a new pot and soil approx 7 yrs ago. still it blooms, not in necessarily in the summer, but whenever. here are the blossoms before opening

i have it in a hanging planter, it reaches up

the blooms don't look like they belong to a live plant but rather like they are made of velvet or porcelain

i have seen hoya carnosas with pink blooms and i'd love to get another just for the color, but the "stink" of the blooms is just too overwhelming

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